Monthly Archives: March 2017

Display at the Contemporary Art Gallery

There was a special installation of ikebana at the Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver one Saturday in March.  I was one of the ikebana artists who collaborated with Diane Borsato of Toronto who put on this show. Incorporating found objects in the gallery, my arrangement was one of the more traditional styles.

Shortly after the event, I received a thoughtful thank you note from Diane.


Hi Kuniko, Judie, Joan, and Naomi,

I’m back in Toronto this morning, working on recovering my voice! But happy to be able to write to thank you again for your many contributions to the project at the CAG. I really enjoyed your ideas, your wonderful containers, and more – and meeting members of the wider Ikebana community in Vancouver. It was a privilege for me to get to work with all of you. I hope the cherries will bloom for you all soon, and that you might enjoy a bit of sunshine soon in Vancouver! I only wish I could attend your spring shows!

Warmest regards, and many thanks for your work and your enthusiasm,

Diane Borsato
Associate Professor
School of Fine Art and Music
University of Guelph