Monthly Archives: September 2016

Autumn Activities

I had a break of sorts from flowers this past couple of months. I still did a bunch of gardening, but not too much ikebana or wedding work. (I made a few centrepieces for a small wedding).

This past weekend started my flower arranging season with a bang!  The Mum Show at VanDusen wanted ikebana displayed there, using their magnificent blooms. I and three others from Sangetsu set up an arrangement each, as well as members from two other schools.

I also had a medium sized wedding to provide flowers for. A new challenge for me was to decorate two chandeliers in the reception tent.  The people at the venue promised that the light fixtures could be lowered to ease decoration. Unfortunately they found that they couldn’t.  Luckily for me, the proprietor of the venue volunteered to climb up a tall ladder to attach the ivy garlands and flowers.