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We are coming along with this website, and today I thought that I would share a couple of Hallowe’en arrangements from the Ikebana classes.

We used some curly willow, Chinese Lantern ( which I grew), orange lilies and cedar. We used black containers and orange flowers and lanterns to go with the Hallowe’en theme. The first arrangement is a slanted Moribana style, and the second is a Freestlye.


Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.  The “way of flowers”, or “kado”, draws emphasis on line, shape and form. Unlike the Western style of flower arranging, branches, stems and leaves are an integral part of the whole; flowers are secondary.

I first was introduced to Ikebana by my step-mother Shigeko, who was an instructor of the Sangetsu School. Because I had a love of flowers, and an “artistic eye” I enjoyed working with the flowers and soon became hooked!


Hello World!

Well, we are finally going ahead with this website! Thanks to my son and daughter for their computer expertise and editing capabilities. Although I have been working with flowers for over three decades, and with the many urgings of my “kids”, I have not had the opportunity until now to go ahead with this endeavor. I hope this will encourage some of you to seek me out for a wedding consultation, or for Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) lessons.