Monthly Archives: February 2016

Valentine’s Ikebana Workshop

I was asked to conduct an Ikebana workshop at a workplace in Richmond, just before Valentine’s. Two groups of people came during their lunch break to learn how to make a simple arrangement using pussywillow, carnations and statice. Seventeen people in all participated. They were very proud of their handiwork!

An Honored Invitation

Mr and Mrs Seiji Okada, the current Consul General of Japan and his wife, invited me to a special “Thank-you” luncheon at their mansion in Shaughnessy. They hosted the five ikebana teachers who made large ikebana arrangements to help celebrate the Emperor’s birthday in November. We had met them on several previous occasions since they have been in Vancouver almost three years. Here is the sumptuous menu created by their personal chef. It was an honor to be invited to such an event!