Monthly Archives: December 2016

Ikebana at The Vancouver Art Gallery

A member of the Vancouver Ikebana Association was approached by the Vancouver Art Gallery to have some ikebana demonstrations for the Family Fuse weekend in early December. Unfortunately, the snowy weather caused the Saturday demonstrations to be cancelled, but I was scheduled for Sunday morning, so we were a “go”. Our Sangetsu
demonstration was presented using the five guidelines of our school, using Christmassy material. One arrangement using red dogwood branches, white carnations and holly was made in a red tin container and was given away at the end of the demonstration. The audience was not large, but were very appreciative.

Christmas at Kristin’s

My hairdresser, Kristin’s Salon, in Burnaby asked me to decorate her salon for Christmas. Since her walls are mauve, I decided to use purple and silver. There was also a limited budget to keep in mind, so I decided to decorate a small lit tree for her entrance counter. I strung some snowflakes from her large windows and put fake glittery purple flowers in her real plants at each station. White lights were attached to each mirror and a small “Charlie Brown” tree with a single ornament decorated the washroom with a purple snowflake votive holder. She was so pleased with everything, and later told me that everyone who came into the shop was impressed. I put up everything in late November, and she is planning on keeping most of the decorations up until Chinese New Year’s.